P Series | vacuum table prototyping printers

What's P Series

P Series is a unique compact inkjet platform, designed to answer the growing and compelling prototyping and real-time proofing of most industrial customers. The P Series is designed to get adapted to almost any industrial business, from metal packaging to ceramics, glass decoration, flooring and a number of items printed on plastics, wood and other materials.

The P Series uses an extremely powerful and versatile scanning engine and is capable to get adapted to almost every application and substrate in terms of thickness, width, length, printing quality, productivity and ink-chemistry.

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Vacuum table for perfect stability flawless printing

P Series is designed according to the needs of the most demanding customers, especially those who need to match the quality of their existing analog printing equipment (litho, gravure, flexo, etc.). The printer can be configured in different widths and lengths and is provided with a vacuum table moved by high-precision magnetic linear motors. This can be equipped with or without a powerful vacuum system, that guarantees a powerful suction for a wide variety of
sheet-fed materials, including plastics, acrylic sheets, wood, glass, ceramics and metal sheets.

Easy color configuration and on-field upgrades

The exclusive Dynamic Printheads Plate (DPP) technology guarantee that the image is produced
quickly and precisely. The multi-position oversized DPP shuttle enables each customer or OEM to get his own configuration for optimized results with process colours, extended gamut, spot colours and special fluids, such as white, clear varnish and metal (only available with UV versions). All the configurations are based on a a robust and versatile body, that allows customers to possibly update or re-configure their printer for future requirements and applications.

UV, Aqueous, Solvent, Ceramics, Glass and more

Thanks to the availability of different printheads, electronics and ink feeding systems, JetSet can provide the P Series with almost any ink chemistry eligible for flexible materials. UV inks can be used for direct printing on plastics and technical textiles, while solvents can be used for plastics and aqueous chemistries are eligible for coated and uncoated papers. More specialized chemistries, such as inks and coatings for ceramics and glass, can be used according to their compatibility with the available printheads.

Compatible Ink Chemistries