Not just a printer

Designed and built on the experience of JetSet in the manufacturing of tailor-made inkjet equipment for OEMs and industrial businesses in many different sectors, GateLAB is a compact single-pass unit for testing cycles of industrial inkjet inks and fluids. The unit is completely open source and adaptable to the specific requirements of ink and printheads manufacturers, universities and R&D laboratories. GateLAB is not a standard printer for process and spot color applications, but a open platform that can be fully customized with a series of printhteads, electronics and ink train, being able to accomodate both recirculated and head-shooter printheads. Also the ink curing has many options, with a choice or a coexistence of UV, UV-LED and NIR (Near Infrared) lamps. GateLAB is the ideal solution for those who need to test many different kinds of jettable fluids, including inks, coatings and functional layers.
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Modular architecture and quick switch
GateLAB is based on the exclusive JetSet modular architecture. Thanks to this unique approach customers, engineers and researchers can buy the standard machine and reconfigure or upgrade it in the future, simply adding new GateBAR Modules. Each GateBAR Module accomodates its own ink printheads, recirculation, electronics and ink reservoir, as well as a switch system that allows to quickly connect, disconnect and replace the Module in just few minutes. The standard machine is equipped with four jetting stations, each one geared for a Module. The result is an engine that can mix up to four different printheads and ink chemistries at the same time, enabling a huge amount of combinations. The distance between the printheads and the conveyor belt is adaptable up to 200 mm, allowing the installation of a drop watcher and making the waveform design easier.
Designed to handle rigid or flexible materials
GateLAB media handling system consist of a 200 mm wide conveyor belt with a powerful vacuum, that enables to feed any kind of rigid materials up to 200 mm thick. A easy handling of flexible media is also guaranteed by motorized winding units with automatic tension adjustment. The embedded material sensor provides additional safety and prevents unlucky crashes between the substrate and the printheads.
Ready for the present, designed for the future
GateBAR Modules are compatible with some of the most popular industrial inkjet printheads and their ink chemistries including Dimatix StarFire 1024, Kyocera KJ4 (waterbased and UV versions) and Xaar 1002, but the system is already open to future updates or to accomodate customer's own printheads and electronics. Such a modularity allows for instance a ink manufacturer to test on GateLAB a specific type of jettable pre-treatment which is compatible with the printhead A with a specific ink chemistry which is only jettable using the printhead B or C.

Compatible Ink Chemistries